Designed for the young adult (teens to mid-20s) who is encountering problems with depression, anxiety, relationships, focus, motivation and drive, substance abuse, high-performing autism and other life challenges—all issues that affect this young adult from finding their path and becoming their best selves.

The TL Coaching Young Adult Private Immersion Program includes life coaching, goal setting, cooperative communications skills, life management skills, empowerment, , self-esteem building and other custom services specifically applicable to individuals in their late teens to mid-20’s.

We offer this program in a private residential setting with individual, 1-on-1, services that are highly structured and customized.  Our very private program, offered with only  1-2 individuals at any one time. We do this to ensure  maximum focus on each individual’s personal goals, free from distractions often encountered in a larger, group setting and to allow for privacy.

TL Coaching Young Adult Immersion Program includes:

  • Skills For Change Assessment and Custom Program Recommendations
  • Psychotherapy with Clinical Psychologist/LCSW = 2 60-min. sessions / week
  • Life | Professional Coaching with Certified Professional Coach = 3-4 60-min. sessions / week
  • Mindfulness Meditation Training = 2 60-min. sessions / week
  • Sound Therapy with Certified Therapist = 2-3 90-min. sessions / week
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling with Licensed Therapist Specialist (if required) – 2 60 min. sessions/week
  • Cooperative Communications Training
  • Energy Balancing & Training
  • Group Sessions available if desired (optional)
  • Daily workouts and  guided exercise (hikes, nature walks, etc.) 
  • Massages = 2 90 min. sessions / week
  • Morning Meditation and/or Yoga = Daily
  • Private Rooms with WiFi, housekeeping, fine linens, healthy meals
  • Daily opportunities to go out with private car / companion
  • Off-site outing opportunities for visiting local villages, shopping, spa appointments, arts / cultural, beaches, etc.
  • Private cottages and homes available for a totally private stay if desired (additional fee)
  • Written Action Plan for 30 days after returning home – FREE quarterly follow-ups for Life!

Cost: Inquire 

2-week minimum required | Locations: Connecticut, California, and Bahamas.

Additional Services Available. Psychiatrist / Physician/Naturopath and other Specialized Medical Care is charged separately and is in addition to the Program Fee set forth above. Items not included in the fees above include medications & vitamins / supplements, physician consultations, psychiatrist, any medical services, cigarettes, special food items, etc.

Note: All services are private pay only – insurance not accepted. Payment in FULL prior to start of program and is nonrefundable (Cash, Credit Card, US Bank Check, Wire Transfer Only).

TL Coaching & Zen Events are not an alcohol/drug group rehab and is not a psychiatric institutional program.


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