Are you a person/couple who feels like your life is stuck in a joyless holding pattern…

If you are coping with issues like…


  •       Empty Nest
  •       Job Burnout
  •       Relationship Pain
  •       Family Challenges
  •       Chronic Low Energy
  •       Feeling Lost
  •       Lack of Purpose


What if you had a gentle and compassionate guide to take you by the hand and lead you on a soul-searching journey of self-discovery that leads to a place where life is joyful again?

If you’ve been succumbing to fears and limiting beliefs, and denying expression of your true self, you may be feeling tremendous frustration and disappointment with the state of your life, and a sense that something vital is missing.My retreat programs will guide you step-by-step to reconnect with the parts of you that have been lost, allowing you to move forward into the life you desire.



Guest House Retreat Center – CT

Blue Lantern Inn – Laguna Beach, CA

Retreats on Water – Bahamas & Caribbean – COMING SOON 2017/2018


1-on-1 Retreats


We will spend a day together… We will go over your entire life story from birth until now - we'll inventory, explore, assess and create an action plan around your life goals and challenges (family, career, health, etc.), your passions, your life purpose, spiritual path, career, relationships, and more. The time and depth spent on any specific area will be custom-designed based on its current relevance in your life. We will discover Your Path Forward.

8 hours together, one on one, including...

  • Lunch (catered in-house or restaurant) and treats to fuel our work and co-creativity
  • Weather permitting, a half hour guided Meditation session or Reflective walk together in nature
  • Reiki and/or Integrative Bodywork Session
  • A written report detailing areas discussed, your discoveries and "insightful” moments, my findings and recommendations, and the action plan developed for each transition area
  • A 60 minute follow-up phone coaching session to check your progress and keep you heading in the right direction to your dreams!


(regular price $680)

Day of Reflection requires a 50% deposit; current in-person locations are Oneida Holistic Health Center – Marlborough CT, Mystic CT (other CT cities),Laguna Beach, CA, Washington DC area and New York City.  If you are unable to come to these locations, please email me and let me know where you are and for additional fee – we can discuss a location of your choosing.


Couples Retreats


CONTACT: Torin @ Email

Who would benefit?

Any couple that is currently going through a life change or transition.

  • Career changes – unemployment, retirement
  • Empty Nest
  • Relocation
  • Infidelity
  • Second marriages
  • Wanting to let go of old hurts
  • Willingness to enrich their communication skills
  • Create peace and harmony in their relationship

How long is the retreat?

Options: Weekend (2 -3 days) Week (7 days/6 nights)


Guest House Retreat Center – CT

Blue Lantern Inn – Laguna Beach, CA

Retreats on Water – Bahamas & Caribbean – COMING SOON 2017/2018

What happens during a Couples in Transition coaching retreat?

  • Couples attend a series during their stay of their own private coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Couples are given assignments especially designed for them as individuals and as a couple, during their private time
  • There are limited technology distractions (TV, mobile phones).
  • Private/Out of Session time can be filled with your choice of holistic healing and outdoor experiences – Massage, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Hiking, Swimming, etc.

What can you expect from your coach?

  • Creating a safe environment for sharing and self-discovery
  • Flexibility to work within time and budget constraints of the couple
  • Partnership to evaluate what has and what has not been working for the couple
  • Identifying a healthy path forward for the couple to regain love and joy

What can couples expect as a result of their couples coaching retreat?

  • Growing your ability to communicate with one another more openly and honestly
  • Strengthening your ability to resolve issues and work as a true partnership
  • Cultivating your ability to realize true emotional intimacy
  • Co-creating a new vision for yourselves as a couple

What is the cost?

There are 2 versions of our Couples in Transition Retreats:

  1. Intensive: Lodging on-site with Coach at Resort, B&B, Mountain Lodge
    • Intensive packages are inclusive of coaching services, room/board and holistic health services (massage, etc).
    • Packages range from $800 for 2 Days to $2800 for 7 Days (Call for details or Check Event Page for Upcoming Retreats and locations).


  1. Independent: Lodging at a location of your choice. The cost of the lodging fee depends on your choice of lodging and the length of your stay. See the reservations page.
    • The coaching fee is $100 per hour. A couple can receive 7 hours of coaching time for $550. Each additional hour is $100.
    • Independent Packages - Meals are not provided. We will also tell you where the good restaurants are.

Y.E.S. - Your Empowered Self - Women's Group Retreats

What is the Y.E.S. - Women’s Retreat? 

The Y.E.S. (Your Empowered Self) - mission is to inspire each woman to find the strength, confidence and empowerment she needs to follow her dreams; find her inner beauty ; release negative behaviors; and define her unique gifts.  The retreat will center on participant talks and challenges, small group sharing, and holistic health and spiritual activities. 

 Why host a Women’s retreat?

Y.E.S., a program created by the practitioners at the Oneida Holistic Health Center ( believes in the holistic education of all adults.  Our retreats and workshops provide participants a chance to explore themselves; in a supportive environment; while teaching the tools to be creative, focused and resolve conflicts in an open manner to move your goals forward. This is Y.E.S/OHHC’s one gender exclusive retreat and this setting enables us to explore and grow areas of life that are not possible in a mixed gender environment.

 Issues explored at the Women’s retreat include but are not limited to:

Body Image/Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem


Holistic Women’s Health Concerns

Healthy Coping Skills

Role Models

Building Community

Meditation and other Self Care Practices

Retreat Dates:  Email for Group Availability

 Retreat begins Friday evening at 6PM and completes Sunday at 11am. The retreat fee ranges from $398 - $198 (based on room category selected).  The OHHC practitioners leading this retreat are Pastoral Counselor/Life Coach – Torin Lee and Catherine Haugh. Other practitioners who are specialists in their areas will also lead portions of the programming.

Because of the continuous and seamless nature of this retreat, no participant will be permitted to arrive late or leave early; no exceptions! 



Guest House Retreat Center – CT

Blue Lantern Inn – Laguna Beach, CA

Retreats on Water – Bahamas & Caribbean – COMING SOON 2017/2018

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