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There is an astonishing array of self-enrichment programs available to you. These can be delivered via book, online, in-person, via workshops or retreats. These cover a huge range of topics, and prices, the level of service and degree of personalized attention varies significantly. What also differs appreciably, however, is the likelihood of achieving a sustainable improvement.
Here at Zen Events, we know that we are different. We believe there are no quick or easy fixes on the path of self-improvement. It is certainly most rewarding, but it definitely is challenging, and we fully acknowledge that it requires courage, commitment and active, open participation to make solid progress on your path of self- improvement.
Your commitment to your path is matched by us here at Zen Events. We have created a small, growing suite, of in-depth, focused retreat programs with an approach unique to the community.
Our approach comprehensively combines the environment, program, people and service into a holistic experience designed to maximize your potential for growth, help you create your vision and guide you on your path forward … We call this The Y.E.S. WayTM
Our Facilitators are dedicated and invested in your success, and have the knowledge and skill to be your guide.
Our Programs have been developed to combine the best of business, wellness, and personal growth concepts into a comprehensive and immersive experience.
Our Environment is designed to maximize your opportunity for progress. Our locations are carefully selected to be both luxurious and relaxed, our restricted attendance greatly improves group dynamics, and our schedule is crafted to maintain a healthy body mind spirit balance.
Our Service is offered at the highest possible level. It extends from before the retreat with calls and discussion, during the retreat with individualized attention, and after the retreat with follow up sessions. To maintain this level of service, our retreat circles are small, however once part of our retreat community, ongoing individual attention is available long after you return from your retreat experience.
For Spring 2018, we are pleased to offer the following retreats for Your Empowered Self:
Y.E.S. for Women
Y.E.S. for Small Business Owners & Health Practitioners
Y.E.S. Couples Connecting through Communication
Y.E.S. Connecting through Communication 


The Y.E.S. Way is here.  Ready to Recharge your life?


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